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Sam Greenwood

“I’ve been working with Martin for over 10 years now, he’s a class coach, a top guy and his gym is second to none .. I would recommend to anyone who’s involved in sports and wanting to improve themselves!!”

Sam Greenwood represents everything we’re about. Martin has trained Sam since he was 6years old. Martin recalls the day Sam started training, at the age of 6 walking into the English Institute of Sport Facility, a cheeky kid who carried a tennis ball in his pocket to practice keep-ups whenever he had a chance. 🎾

At the age of 12, Sam was cleaning 40kg with fabulous technique. His skill acquisition even from 6 was phenomenal. Martin knew early on Sam was the real deal and would make it in football. Martin was exceptionally proud when Sam signed his pro contract with Arsenal August 2019 at the age of 17. 

August 2020, Sam signed for Premiership club Leeds United.