As well as Opto Jump we have now added Hamstring Solo Elite along with Hawkin Dynamics force plates. Utilising this fantastic technology will allow us to analyse more in-depth when athlete profiling.

HAMSTRING SOLO ELITE, is the latest and most accurate way of monitoring hamstring strength and can quantify left to right strength imbalances (asymmetry). This is a fantastic tool, which gives us live feedback on each hamstring – monitoring force and torque. This is fantastic for diagnosing injury risk and monitoring rehabilitation status. 🤕👨‍🎓📈

Hamstring Solo Elite

HAWKIN DYNAMIC FORCE PLATES, are state of the art wireless plates, which allow us to investigate everything from isometric strength to jump protocols looking at force and propulsion. This technology can help with identifying injury potential and can also be used to directly enhance performance as you train.

Hawkin Dynamic Force Plates

If you’re a high level athlete (professional), or you’re injured and want the best possible rehab then get in touch with us. This equipment is part of our Hamstring Rehab Package & Platinum Assessment Package and only for those who are truly serious about getting ahead of the game.