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Tag: Injury rehab

MN Elite talk ‘Ekitike’ with the Chronicle

The Chronicle approached us to give our insight on Hugo Ekitike’s injury history. Coaches Joe and Jon, explained to Chronicle Live how Ekitike’s recent hamstring injury may continue to plague him throughout his career. Hamstring injuries are the most common in football and also have the highest rate of reoccurrence too. Ekitike suffered quite a large grade two hamstring tear back…

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New Testing Armoury

As well as Opto Jump we have now added Hamstring Solo Elite along with Hawkin Dynamics force plates. Utilising this fantastic technology will allow us to analyse more in-depth when athlete profiling. HAMSTRING SOLO ELITE, is the latest and most accurate way of monitoring hamstring strength and can quantify left to right strength imbalances (asymmetry). This is a fantastic…

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